Boy Seeking Band

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Published: TBC
For Ages: Ages 9-12+
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Author: Steve Brezenoff

Product Category: Fiction / Fiction: Age Groups / Fiction: Age 13 - 14

Brand: Capstone Young Readers
Published By: Capstone
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Published: TBC
Format: Hardback, 240 pages
RRP: $22.99
ISBN: 9781623708535
Interest Level: 9-12
Reading Level: 9-12
Great music and great friendships aren't always in harmony. Terence Kato is a prodigy bass player, but he's determined to finish middle school on a high note. Life has other plans. In eighth grade, he's forced to transfer from a private arts school to a public school, where the kids seemingly speak a different language. Luckily, Terence knows a universal one: music. He sets out to build a band and, in the process, make a few friends.