Tech On Wheels The Tech Behind...: Electric Cars

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Published: March 2020
For Ages: Primary
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Author: Matt Chandler

Product Category: Science / Science: Transport / Science: Trans - Cars/Road

Series: Tech On Wheels The Tech Behind...
Published By: Capstone
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Published: 01-Mar-2020
Format: Hardback, 32 pages
RRP: $29.99
ISBN: 9781543573077
Electric cars have come a long way since the first gasoline-electric hybrid vehicles hit the market in the late 1990s. Some modern electric cars boast a range of nearly 300 miles (483 kilometers) on one charge. And they're not all for the tame of heart. Some electric-powered sports cars can reach top speeds of 250 miles (402 km) per hour! Take young readers on a journey through the technology that makes electric cars so amazing.

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