A Painful History of Crime: Crime Through Time

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Published: February 2006
For Ages: Upper Primary, Lower Secondary
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Author: John Townsend

Product Category: History / History: Historical Issues

Series: A Painful History of Crime
Published By: Raintree
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Published: 06-Feb-2006
Format: Hardback, 48 pages
RRP: $37.50
ISBN: 9781844213917
A Painful History of Crime takes a look at the world of the criminal, from ancient civilizations right up to modern times. The series includes stories about different crimes and different laws, and explains why some crimes and laws existed. It also looks at the different punishments that criminals have been given, and includes information about the people who have made and enforced laws through history. Real examples of crimes, criminals and punishments bring the facts to life!

Find out inside:
Who were the world's worst serial killers?
How do detectives use science to solve crimes?
Why were thousands of people accused of being witches?