Up Close & Gross: Creepy Backyard Invaders

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Published: September 2013
For Ages: Primary
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Author: Ruth Owen

Product Category: Nature / Nature: Animals / Nature: Animals - Inse&Spiders

Series: Up Close & Gross
Published By: Bearport Publishing
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Published: 01-Sep-2013
Format: Hardback, 24 pages
RRP: $23.99
ISBN: 9781617721250
From sap-sucking aphids and aggressive ants, to predatory spiders and roly-poly woodlice, our backyards and gardens are homes to millions of creatures that hunt, raise their young, help fertilize plants, and even wage war among themselves! Filled with fascinating facts, Creepy Backyard Invaders takes young readers on a voyage that will transport them to a secret garden teeming with an astounding variety of tiny creatures. Combining vivid, full-color microscope images and a controlled text that contains a wealth of information, Creepy Backyard Invaders is guaranteed to get young readers digging around to learn more about the world-within-a-world that lies just outside our doorsteps.

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